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Katie is a driven and purpose-oriented entrepreneur from Fort Worth, Texas. 

Through overcoming many obstacles in her childhood, Katie developed a passion for serving others. This calling led her to establish the non-profit organization Dare to LEAD while in high school. The nonprofit empowers underprivileged youth to navigate adversity, discover their identity, and develop servant leadership skills through outreach initiatives and a curriculum focused on developing servant leadership.

Katie's work gained international recognition, culminating in her being crowned Miss Teen International 2021. This new platform allowed her to spread the nonprofit's uplifting message to a global audience. Over the course of her reign, Katie traveled to over a dozen states and countries, utilizing speaking engagements to raise awareness and support for empowering at-risk youth worldwide.

In addition to her non-profit work, Katie is an entrepreneur running her own media business while simultaneously pursuing a finance degree at Texas Christian University.

Whether studying at a local coffee shop, or exploring national parks, Katie lives with intention and an unwavering commitment to create positive impacts through her relationships and ventures.

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Dare to LEAD


Miss Teen International 2021 



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