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I'm Katie Hoang

Welcome to my creative space!

This website highlights some of my life experiences and accomplishments. Learn more about my life as Miss Teen International, first generation Asian American, nonprofit founder, and business owner. Check out my non-profit, Dare to LEAD, or my professional photography services!

I believe my purpose in life is to help those around me live a life full of intentionality and love. I hope that by sharing my journey, work, and ideas, I can do exactly that!

xo Katie


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Faith. Fun. Food.

In seventh grade, I started my first blog. I called it "Craziness with Katie," an accurate name to this day. Faith, fun, and food are core parts of my life along with family, friends, and fashion. Give it a read! You'll be inspired by the stories, memories, fashion tips, and food guides!

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Pictures capture what words cannot. Photography has always been a unique way for me to communicate my thoughts and messages. My approach to senior, family, and couple photography focuses on capturing the beauty of every person in a new light. I want people to see how beautiful they really are – that drives my passion for portrait photography. 

Miss Teen International 2021

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