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I'm Katie Hoang

Welcome to my creative space!

Learn more about my experiences as Miss Teen International, a first generation Asian American, non-profit founder, and business owner. 

My purpose in life is to help those around me live a life full of purpose and adventure. I hope that by sharing my journey, work, and ideas, I can do exactly that.

xo Katie


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Faith. Fun. Food.

In seventh grade, I started my first blog. I called it "Craziness with Katie," an accurate name to this day. Faith, fun, and food are core parts of my life along with family, friends, and fashion. Give it a read! You'll be inspired by the stories, memories, fashion tips, and food guides!

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Pictures capture what words cannot. Photography has always been a unique way for me to communicate my thoughts and messages. My approach to senior, family, and couple photography focuses on capturing the beauty of every person in a new light.

Miss Teen International 2021

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