About Katie, Your Photographer!

Daughter, sister, photographer, foodie, lover of all things The Office (who else loves Micahel Scott?) and my dog's best friend. I'm Katie, a Texas native with a love for life! You can find me on the tennis courts, baking, or volunteering with my nonprofit when I'm not taking pictures!

There is nothing I love more than being able to capture the beauty of every individual. 

 I began my photography business two years ago after falling in love with photography through blogging. I have a passion for creating and a love for meeting new people. Capturing their memories is my great privilege. My home is stocked with scrapbooks, memory cards, and home videos to testify for my love of creating memories! I love where photography has taken me both literally and professionally. When I take pictures, my goal is to capture tell a story, YOUR story. There is so much to each person than meets the eye, let me help bring that to life in your pictures!

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